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Rome Statute   Chad signed on 20 October 1999 and ratified on 1 November 2006.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities Chad has not signed the APIC.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement BIA reportedly signed on July 21, 2003, no further details available.
Implementing Legislation The Penal Code of Chad was last updated in the 1950s. National experts affirm that none of the international treaties and human rights instruments ratified by Chad have ever been incorporated into national law. The ICRC has started working with the relevant Ministry of Foreign Affairs department to create a National Commission for Humanitarian Law – a group of experts who would work on implementing Geneva Conventions into national law. The CICC, the Chadian National Coalition and ICRC will convene an implementation workshop during which a technical team will present a draft implementation law.
Membership African Union, Francophonie
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01 Aug 2008
31 Dec 2005
NGO Letters, Papers, Reports, and Statements
Author Title Date
Reed Brody, Human Rights Watch
21775|21776 08 Aug 2013
International Justice Project
20977|20978 26 Apr 2013
ICJ Kenya
20773|20774 10 Apr 2013
International Justice Project
20775|20776 09 Apr 2013
African and international NGOs
20177|20178 15 Feb 2013
Reed Brody, Human Rights Watch
18696|18697 02 Aug 2012
Crisis Group
9031|9033 25 Sept 2008