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We are 2,500 civil society organizations, small and big, in 150 countries, fighting for global justice for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.


Rome Statute at 20

Coalition launches year of commemorations

Throughout 2018 the Coalition for the ICC is calling on all stakeholders in the international justice system to look back, take stock and move global justice forward. 



Assembly of States Parties 2017


Campaign on ICC elections

Elect the best

Meet the new ICC judges


Historic activation: The Crime of Aggression

From 17 July 2018, the International Criminal Court will be able to hold leaders individually criminally responsible for waging aggressive war - with conditions. 


Let's build a better world

Join the fight for global justice for atrocities

Share the story of justice

As human rights are threatened around the world, here's the inspirational story of the International Criminal Court and fight for global justice. 


United by Common Bonds

Yes, global access to justice is uneven. No, the ICC is not perfect. But the solution lies in more and better justice, not less. Join the campaign for a global ICC. 

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#GlobalJustice Weekly: Kenya must arrest al-Bashir say judges | Nigeria convicts Boko Haram suspects | Human rights concerns at ISIS trials in Iraq

#GlobalJustice Weekly: Libya refuses to hand Al-Wefalli to ICC | Venezuela responds to preliminary examination | Ghouta under assault

Gender crimes at the margins, including crimes against LGBTIQ persons in prosecutions under the Rome Statute

Reaction / ICC probes violence in the Philippines and Venezuela


2016-17 Annual ReportWorld Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy

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The fight for global justice

Over 120 countries have joined the ICC Rome Statute. 70 have adopted laws to prosecute war criminals at home. Now it's time for the rest.

global justice

The ICC must evolve into the global court the world demands. We work for a fair, effective and independent ICC, with victims at its heart.

A strong ICC

International justice relies on the support of states to arrest fugitives, protect victims and witnesses and give the ICC the resources it needs.

State support

Why are the worst crimes punished the least?

Genocide. Crimes against humanity. War crimes. 

For too long, committed with impunity.

It's time for justice.


Voices of global civil society

Meet the activists fighting for global justice.


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The world's largest partnership advancing justice

“The Coalition has shown how much can be achieved when civil society, governments and international organizations come together to tackle global problems.”
Kofi Annan, former UN secretary general

When hope and history rhyme

Driven by a ground-breaking alliance between non-governmental organizations and ‘like-minded’ states, this is a movement to end impunity that has defied all the odds.


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