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UN Excerpts: ICC references, 1 September – 16 November 2007
23 Nov 2007
1. Secretary-General marks entry into force of Rome Statute by hailing International Criminal Court as centerpiece of world criminal justice system, 2 July 2007,  

2. U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Uganda: Juba talks paying off as IDPs return home, 16 July 2007,

3. Security Council, Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict, Conclusions on Children and Armed Conflict in Uganda, 20 July 2007,
4. U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Leandro Despouy, Civil and Political Rights, including the questions of independence of the General Assembly, including the questions of independence of the judiciary, administration of justice and impunity, 6 August 2007,
5. U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Uganda: Government to consult on new court, 20 August 2007,

6. Security Council, Report of the Secretary-General on children and armed conflict in the Sudan, 29 August 2007,
7. General Assembly, Report of the Secretary-General on the work of the Organization, 31 August 2007,

8. Daily Press Briefing by the Offices of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General and the Spokesperson for the General Assembly President, 7 September 2007,

9. U.N. News Service, Darfour: le Secrétaire général 'encouragé' par le résultat de sa visite, 10 September 2007,é
10. Office of the Spokesperson, Secretary-General’s press encounter at the Security Council stakeout on return from his recent trip to Africa, 10 September 2007,

11. Press Conference on upcoming high-level events, 13 September 2007,

12. U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, DRC Call to address sexual violence in the east, 14 September 2007,

13. Transcript of Press Conference by Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon at United Nations Headquarters, 18 September 2007,  

14. Press Conference by International Criminal Court Prosecutor on Darfur, 20 September 2007,

15. Press conference by Coalition for International Criminal Court on Darfur war crimes, 20 September 2007,
16. U.N. Media Stakeout: Informal comments to the Media by the Permanent Representative of Sudan, Ambassador Abdalmahmood Abdalhaleem Mohamad, on the situation in Sudan (unofficial translation), 20 September 2007,

17. U.N. News Service, UN calls for more offers of troops, specialist units for hybrid force in Darfur, 20 September 2007,

18. Human Rights Council discusses Report of Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Children and Armed Conflict, 21 September 2007,

19. Human Rights Council considers human rights situations that require its attention, 24 September 2007,

20. U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Uganda: Population out of step with peace talks – report, 24 September 2007,

21. Security Council, Darfur, Somalia high on Security Council Agenda as Members hold historic summit on Peace, Security in Africa, 25 September 2007,

22. General Assembly, World Leaders Striving to Rebuild War-nations champion gains, seek broad global support, as General Assembly wraps up second day of General Debate, 26 September 2007,

23. General Assembly, Small Island States, Least Developed Countries seek urgent collective action by General Assembly to help them cope with climate change impacts, 27 September 2007,

24. General Assembly, Missed Opportunities for Middle East Peace Push People Towards Despair, Make Them Easy Prey for Extremists, General Assembly Told, 28 September 2007,

25. General Assembly, National Security strategies, non-proliferation, ‘credible deterrence’, conflicts in horn of Africa among topics as General Assembly debate nears conclusion, 2 October 2007,   

26. General Assembly, No one more determined to stop Darfur bloodshed than Sudan’s government, Foreign minister tells General Assembly, as General Debate concludes: Assembly President Says Global Warming Session’s ‘Flagship Issue’: States Must Respond to Urgent Calls for Action with Agreement in Bali, 3 October 2007,

27. Press conference on Darfur peacekeeping operation, 8 October 2007,

28. General Assembly, General Assembly concludes high-level dialogue on interreligious understanding; President says, ‘there is much more that unites us than divides us’: Also Takes Up Secretary-General’s Report on Work of Organization, 8 October 2007,

29. General Assembly Sixth Committee, United States tells Assembly’s Legal Committee anti-terrorism efforts must stress prevention of global expansion, address legitimate grievances: Renewing Call for Progress towards Comprehensive Convention, Delegates say Bridge- Building among Different Cultures Still Crucial, 11 October 2007,

30. U.N. News Service, UN calls for more offers of troops, specialist units for hybrid force in Darfur, 15 October 2007,

31. General Assembly, Presidents of Tribunals for Former Yugoslavia, Rwanda address General Assembly, ask for continued support as completion dates approach: Say Still Need Greater Cooperation on High-Profile Fugitives: Legacy Will be Unprecedented Body of Jurisprudence, Local Prosecutions, 15 October 2007,  

32. General Assembly Sixth Committee, Former Child Soldier Takes International Community to task for failure to do more for children living amid conflict: Contribution of Children to Peacemaking, Peacebuilding Not to be Underestimated, Says UNICEF Executive Director, 17 October 2007,

33. General Assembly Third Committee, Third Committee approves resolution urging States to strengthen international cooperation to prevent, suppress terrorism: Approves Brazil to Host 12th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, 18 October 2007,
34. U.N. News Service, International Criminal Court signs protocol deal with Central African Republic, 19 October 2007,

35. Security Council, The situation in Côte d’Ivoire: Fourteenth progress report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (S/2007/593), 22 October 2007,

36. Security Council, Security Council deeply concerned about ‘pervasive’ gender-based violence as it hold day-long debate on women, peace, security: Members Adopt Presidential Statement as Secretary-General Urges Strengthening of Collective Response to “Hideous Behavior, 23 October 2007,

37. General Assembly Third Committee, New Human Rights Council could help put rights abusers on notice, Thirds Committee told Quartet Has Paid Little Attention to Human Right of Palestinians, 24 October 2007,

38. General Assembly Sixth Committee, As Legal Committee begins debate on rule of law, delegates discuss differences in national, international implications, 25 October 2007,

39. General Assembly Third Committee, Third Committee calls on International Community to focus on upcoming review of Madrid Plan of Action on Ageing: Rapporteur Calls for New Standards of International Law to Protect Refugees Fleeing Hunger, 25 October 2007,

40. General Assembly Sixth Committee, Assembly’s Legal Committee is told nations coming from conflict need help in establishing effective ‘rule of law’: Appeal from South Africa; Delegate Says End of Apartheid Brought International Influence on Domestic Justice System, 26 October 2007,

41. General Assembly Third Committee, System of impunity making mockery of special procedures to address extrajudicial killings, Rapporteur tells Third Committee: Little Girls, Boys Being Used for Sex Markets In Many Countries One of Worst Cases of Human Rights Violations, 26 October 2007,

42. General Assembly Third Committee, Darfur remains region where gross human rights violations are perpetrated: Myanmar Continues to Be Serious Concern in Light of Continuing Human Rights Violations, Committee Told by Under-Secretary-General, 29 October 2007,

43. Press Conference by Registrar of the International Criminal Court, 30 October 2007,

44. General Assembly Third Committee, Capital Punishment not Prohibited under International Law, Third Committee told: Death Penalty Compromises Dignity of Mankind, Assembly Called Upon to Adopt Resolution for Moratorium, 30 October 2007,

45. General Assembly Third Committee, More vital than ever to move away from selectivity and partial approaches to human rights issues, Third Committee told: Regrettable That Certain Countries Continue To Name, Blame Others Rather Than Promote Human Rights, 31 October 2007,

46. General Assembly, President of International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court present reports to General Assembly: Head of ICJ Says Interest of States in Court “Continued to Flourish”; Criminal Court Chief Stresses Need for Cooperation in Suspect Arrest, Surrender, 1 November 2007,

47. General Assembly Sixth Committee, Legal Framework urgently needed for equitable management of world’s water resources, Assembly’s Sixth Committee told: International Law Commission Chairman Warns of Looming Prospect Of Crisis for Hundreds of Millions of People; Global Cooperation Essential, 1 November 2007,

48. General Assembly Sixth Committee, President of World Court, in address to Assembly’s Legal Committee, Notes ‘inequality’ in compensation of judges; attention needed: Debate Continues on Law Commission Report; On Issue of Shared Resources, Delegates Differ on Whether Text on Aquifers Should Also Cover Oil and Gas, 2 November 2007,

49. Security Council, Security Council Committee concerning Democratic Republic of Congo update lists of individuals, entities subject to travel ban, assets freeze, 7 November 2007,

50. U.N. News Centre, Security Council encouraged by positive moves in Ugandan peace process, 13 November 2007,

51. Security Council, Security Council Press Statement on Situation in Northern Uganda, 13 November 2007,

52. Press Conference by Special Envoy for Areas Affected by Lord’s Resistance Army on peace talks between Ugandan government, rebel group, 13 November 2007,

53. General Assembly Third Committee, Majority of real, burning human rights situations in the world have not earned attention of new Human Rights Council, Third Committee told: Draft Resolution on Report of Human Rights Council Approved by Overwhelming Majority, 16 November 2007,

Do note that these references are not comprehensive of the entire UN system. Comments, corrections and questions on these summaries are very welcome.