Election 2020: The best ICC leaders to fight against impunity

International Criminal Court (ICC) elections are crucial steps towards strengthening the institution’s credibility, transparency and impartiality.

Governments must nominate and elect the best leaders to the Court to ensure the impartial execution of decisions, not to mention the effective delivery of justice for victims of heinous crimes. 

At the 19th session of the Assembly of State Parties (ASP) in December 2020, many important positions in the Rome Statute system are slated to be filled, including six judicial vacancies and the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC.

The Coalition for the ICC (CICC/Coalition) continues to campaign for states to nominate and elect highly-qualified and independent candidates to key positions in the Rome Statute system to protect the Court's standards, independence, and impartiality as a judicial institution. 

We call on State Parties to not engage in reciprocal political agreements (“vote-trading”) in any ICC/ASP election and instead nominate and elect through fair, transparent, and merit-based processes.

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Elections 2020

Elections 2019

Coalition's Campaign on ICC Elections

Ahead of the 2020 International Criminal Court (ICC) elections, the Coalition is once again urging States Parties to nominate only the most highly-qualified candidates and to ensure a fair, transparent, and merit-based selection process. While the Coalition as a whole does not endorse or oppose any individual candidates, it instead seeks to advocate for the integrity of the nomination and election process. 

As part of the campaign, the Coalition helps to publicize and raise awareness about the nomination and election processes, as well as information about individual candidates. Candidates for judge, prosecutor and other positions are invited to complete a dedicated questionnaire which seeks to provide additional information about the candidates’ qualifications and interest in the role.

The Coalition also organizes public interviews of candidates, providing an opportunity to state representatives, civil society and the wider public to learn more about the qualification and experience of the nominated candidates for the various positions. 

These tools enable nominees to expand on their respective qualifications and expertise, and serve to promote fully-informed decision-making by State Parties delegates when voting. 

The Coalition strongly opposes reciprocal political agreements (“vote-trading”) in all ICC and ASP elections. 

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Coalition Resources

The Coalition continues to campaign to strengthen the Rome Statute system through fair, transparent, and merit-based nomination and election processes. 

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Voices from the Coalition

Civil society members of the Coalition play a key role in monitoring and advocating for the integrity of nomination and election processes.

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Campaign updates

All the latest information on nominations and timelines.

3 April

The Bureau of the Assembly of States Parties (ASP) adopted the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Election of the Prosecutor. They give information on the composition of the Committee and panel of experts, their mandate and working methods.

3 June

The nomination period starts for the Committee on Budget and Finance (CBF) and Advisory Committee on Nominations (ACN).

7 June

The Bureau decided to designate the following people as members of the Committee on the Election of the Prosecutor: Ambassador Marcin Czepelak, Mr. Lamin Faati, Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis, Ambassador Sabine Nolke, and Ambassador Mario Oyarzabal.

27 June

The Bureau decided to appoint the following persons as members of the panel of experts to assist the Committee on the Election of the Prosecutor in carrying out its mandate: Mr. Francisco Cox Vial, Ms. Aurélia Devos, Professor Charles Jallow, Mr. Motoo Noguchi, and Ms. Anna Richterova.

23 July

The Committee on the Election of the Prosecutor designated Ambassador Sabine Nolke as Chair and Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis as Vice-Chair.

2 August

The vacancy announcement for the position of the Prosecutor was published with a deadline for applications of 90 days.

25 August

The nomination period ends for the CBF and ACN.

25 November

Deadline Extended for the Application of the Prosecutor

2-7 December

Elections of six members of the CBF, and one member of the ACN.

ASP 2020

The election of the new Prosecutor will take place.

15 June 2021

The term of the Current Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, will end.

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For more information

Visit the ICC website, ASP website and our old website to learn more about current and past election results, process and campaigns. Information includes the on-going process or related papers, civil society advocacy, former candidate questionnaires, previous elections' results and more. 

You can also write to us at communications@coalitionfortheicc.org