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Extending Enforcement: The Coalition for the International Criminal Court - Claude E. Welch Jr.Ashley F. Watkins

This article examines the historical background to the Court’s establishment, exploring why seemingly favorable conditions after the World Wars failed to result in a permanent judicial institution.

L'invité de la rédaction : Philip Grant

"Les victimes croisent leurs bourreaux dans la rue." Philip Grant (Directeur de l'ONG Trial)
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The Case for Justice - International Center for Transitional Justice

Why pursue transitional justice in the aftermath of massive human rights violations? “The Case for Justice” provides a window into the debate about the relevance of transitional justice in today’s world.

No Accountability, No Dignity - International Center for Transitional Justice

Justice is crucial to recognizing victims as citizens. And citizens living in dignity shouldn’t have to beg for rights, they are owed rights.