The International Criminal Court must continue to evolve into the global court the world demands of it.

We work to ensure that the ICC develops as a fair, effective and independent Court that sets global justice standards, remains free from political interference, and delivers meaningful justice to victims on all sides of conflicts throughout the world.

Setting justice standards

As the world’s highest criminal court, the ICC’s investigations, trials and staff must set the standard for justice for grave crimes, while remaining free from political interference.

Impartial ICC prosecutions

While remaining neutral on ICC situations and cases, we call for prosecutions of perpetrators of grave crimes on all sides to conflicts in every part of the world.

Fair trials

Civil society works to ensure the ICC upholds fair trial rights embedded in the Rome Statute, including the presumption of innocence and the right to defense counsel.

Victims first

Victims of grave crimes can participate in ICC proceedings and receive reparations to help rebuild their lives. We work to ensure their interests are served at every turn.

No immunity

No immunity is a fundamental ICC principle. Yet some global leaders still think they should be immune from international prosecution. We don't.

Visible justice

The ICC is located in The Hague far from many of the crimes it investigates. If justice is to bring about change, it must be made visible.

Civil society and the ICC

Civil society was the driving force behind the establishment of the ICC in 2002. We continue to work for a stronger ICC in many capacities.

Sexual and gender crimes

The scourge of sexual and gender-based crimes is found in conflicts the world over. The ICC is leading efforts to stamp out it out.

Justice for children

Hundreds of thousands of children are forced to take part in conflicts around the world. These are crimes under the ICC Rome Statute.

Africa and the ICC

Civil society Coalition members across Africa report that victims of grave crimes want justice, either through national judicial systems or through the ICC.

Delivering justice, faster

We call on, and work with, the ICC and states to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its courtroom proceedings.