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President Santos (left) and FARC leader Timochenko shook hands after a meeting facilitated by Raul Castro (centre). © Luis Acosta/AFP/Getty Images
Peace and justice in Colombia?

Colombia and the FARC rebel group have agreed to transitional justice measures as part of an historic, though yet to be concluded, peace deal. The agreement envisages a special jurisdiction to prosecute conflict-related grave crimes committed by all sides. However, reduced and/or alternative sentences would be handed down to those who confess to crimes and contribute to establishing truth. Read civil society reactions.

First ICC witness tampering trial: All you need to know


The trial of five men suspected of interfering with witnesses in the trial of Congolese politician and militia leader Jean-Pierre Bemba opened at the ICC on 29 September. Bemba himself stands accused alongside four associates, including members of his defense team, in the first such case to come before the Court. The trial is a warning against interference in the administration of international justice said civil society.Read more
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September 2015

4 Sep: Temple destruction in Syria termed a war crime

8 Sep: Ukraine expands acceptance of ICC jurisdiction

10 Sep: Arrest warrants unsealed against two Kenyans for witnesses interference.

10 Sep: Call on Sri Lanka to join the ICC now

16 Sep: UN calls for special court to prosecute Sri Lanka war crimes

22 Sep: ICC judges decline to reduce Thomas Lubanga’s sentence

24 Sep: ICC pros. welcomes justice component of Colombia peace deal

26 Sep: Tuareg rebel surrendered to ICC for alleged destruction in Mali

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