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Agreement on Privileges and Immunities (APIC)
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities (APIC)
H.E. Ambassador Gilbert Laurin of Canada deposits the instrument of ratification of the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities (APIC) in the presence of Sylvie Jaque, Deputy Chief of the UN Treaty Office.
The Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the International Criminal Court (APIC), designed to provide officials and staff of the ICC with certain privileges and immunities necessary for them to perform their duties in an independent and unconditional manner, came into effect on 22 July 2004 for those countries that have ratified the Agreement.

The Coalition underlines the urgent need for States to ratify and implement the Agreement, which is a separate international treaty open for signature and ratification by all states, not only by States Parties to the ICC. Only through ratification and implementation of this treaty can states guarantee that their officials are aware of the actual scope and realities of these privileges and immunities and how to apply them in concrete situations.

The following documents are aimed to assist NGOs and others working to encourage states to ratify and implement this Agreement.

Background on the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities
Conference Reports and Declarations
Author Date, Title and Summary
Latin American NGOs
03 Oct 2008
Enacted Legislation
Author Date and Title
Corte Constitucional
26 Nov 2008
LEY 1180 de aprobación del “Acuerdo sobre los Privilegios e Inmunidades de la Corte Penal Internacional”