E.g., 09/25/2018
  • NGO Cooperation Statement at Sixteenth ASP Plenary Session on Cooperation

  • BETTER BALANCE, BETTER JUSTICE - Improving Gender Equality at the International Criminal Court

    Coalition for the International Criminal Court
  • Communication a la 16éme Assemblee des Etats Parties

    Coalition Nationale pour la Cour Pénale Internationale – RDC
  • Human Rights Network Uganda and the Uganda CICC Statement at ASP 2017

  • ASP 16 Event Justice for Burundi Presentation-The defense of victims: Chronicle of a difficult fight in a hostile climate

    Armel Niyongere, General Coordinator of the Collective of Lawyers of Plaintiffs"
  • Presentation at ASP 2017 Event: Burundi in the aftermath of the opening of an ICC investigation

    by Mr. Lambert Nigarura, President of Burundian CICC
  • Mali: Face à la crise, faire le choix de la justice

    Fidh/ AMDH
  • Final Address by ICTY President Judge Carmel to the UN Security Council