ASP19 Resumed session - DAY 4

No Judge Elected in Fifth and Sixth Round of Voting in ICC Elections – One Candidate Remains to Be Elected

22 DECEMBER 2020

On 22 December 2020, the resumed 19th session of the Assembly of States Parties to the ICC Rome Statute continued at the United Nations Headquarters (UNHQ) with the Elections of Judges

In the fifth and sixth rounds of voting, with six and four candidates competing, respectively, no judge was elected.* 

As a result, one seat still remains to be filled.  

Voting will resume on 23 December 2020.

All results of the 2020 ICC Judicial elections can be found on the ASP website here


The Coalition for the ICC has consistently called on states to nominate and elect only the most highly qualified individuals as ICC officials through fair, transparent and merit-based processes. While the Coalition does not endorse or oppose any individual candidates, it strongly opposes reciprocal political agreements (“vote-trading”) in all ICC and ASP elections. 

In a statement issued on 18 December in advance of the start of the elections, the Coalition’s Elections Team is calling on states parties to consider the severe imbalance in gender representation on the court's bench when casting votes in the judicial elections. 

Find out more about our campaign to #ElectTheBest to lead the fight against impunity here and in our ASP19 Backgrounder

According to the ASP procedures and practice, a cut-off mechanism kicks in after the fourth round of voting: the candidate having received the lowest number of votes is automatically removed from the subsequent ballot. Exceptions may apply.
More information can be found in the ASP « Informal guide and commentary to the procedure for the nomination and election of judges of the ICC »