Jean-Pierre Bemba et. al. (Bemba II)

On 2016 Jean-Pierre Bemba and four associates were found guilty for committing offenses against the administration of justice under article 70 of the Rome Statute during the Bemba I trial in 2013. Imprisonment sentences were served.

Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé

On 2019, former Côte d’Ivoire president Laurent Gbagbo and youth leader Charles Blé Goudé were acquitted of crimes against humanity in the wake of 2010 presidential election after their joint ICC trial opened in January 2016.

Dominic Ongwen

The alleged former Lord's Resistance Army commander Dominic Ongwen is charged with 70 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the IDP camps in Northern Uganda. His trial opened on 6 December 2016.

Bosco Ntaganda

Congolese militia leader Bosco Ntaganda was sentenced by the ICC to a total of 30 years of imprisonment on Nov 2019 of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ituri, DRC. The verdict is currently subject to appeals.
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