Gloria Cano -Peru

''The establishment of the ICC and its statutes contributes to overcoming the gaps of the legal system"

Lawyer and excutive director of APRODEH

In their own words 

"We fight for our social commitment to achieve a complete implementation of human rights, for everybody, and a balanced and intercultural social justice in a multicultural country as Peru, with a range of different worldviews. The lack of social justice and respect for human rights is based, among other reasons, on the shortcomings of the Peruvian legal system. The establishment of the ICC and its statutes, through its jurisprudence and developments, contribute to overcoming the gaps of the legal system."

Organization: APRODEH

Location: Lima, Peru

Mission: APRODEH is a Peruvian non-governmental organization committed to the advocacy and comprehensive promotion of human rights, with the mission of contributing to the development of social, legal and political processes to safeguard and promote the observance of all rights for all citizens, in the backdrop of wider efforts to build an equitable and democratic country. In the struggle for the defense of life and human dignity, APRODEH prioritizes the relation with vulnerable and historically excluded sectors of society.

Vision: APRODEH works for the recognition, respect and protection of the rights of every Peruvian, especially the most vulnerable sectors of the population. At the same time, it yearns for an intercultural vision of rights as part of social ethics and culture, while inspiring inclusive public policies.