Communications and Outreach


The ability to communicate with victims and communities that have been seriously affected by the world’s worst crimes is one of the most important components of the ICC’s work. Indeed, timely and effective communication is much more than just a tool for the Court, it is also a goal in itself, for it is not enough that justice is done, it must be seen to be done. 


How does our NGO team on communications and outreach contribute to this goal? 

The Court’s communications work – conducted through public information, external relations and outreach – remains one of the its core functions and aims to reach out, most importantly, to victims and affected communities but also to governments, regional and international media and the public at large.

Established in December 2004, the NGO Team on Communications is comprised of NGO communications specialists and CICC members with specific interests in the ICC’s communication and outreach strategies. The Team monitors the ICC’s communications and outreach work, provides feedback to the Court in the form of non-papers and undertakes advocacy with the Court, particularly with regards to the Courts strategic communications plans and the adequate allocation of resources for outreach.

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