Form: How victims can submit their views to ICC Judges

09 October 2019
International Criminal Court
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This template may be used by victims or persons/organizations representing victims who have been allegedly forcibly displaced from Myanmar to Bangladesh since at least 9 October 2016 and suffered from crimes committed at least in part on the territory of Bangladesh, such as deportation, other inhumane acts and persecution (as set out in the ICC Office of the Prosecutor’s Request for Authorisation of an Investigation Pursuant to Article 15 of the Rome Statute). N.B. This form is not an application form for victims’ participation in the proceedings and/or reparations. Should the Judges authorize the opening of an investigation, victims may be able at a later stage to apply for participation in potential judicial proceedings and have the opportunity to present their views and concerns. In the context of such judicial proceedings, victims will also be entitled to request reparation.