Civil society voices at ASP 19

Civil society addresses the ICC Assembly of States Parties during the ASP19 General Debate

The ASP General Debate provides an opportunity for civil society to address issues related to their work and the wider Rome Statute system of international justice, to reiterate their support for the Court and its progress thus far, as well as to identify those areas in which the ICC can continue to improve its performance and operations, with an aim to fulfilling its critical mandate.

The points raised by human rights defenders during the General Debate often inform the decision-making process of States Parties throughout the remainder of the ASP session.

For civil society, the ASP General Debate also serves as a forum to raise concerns that are not prominently featured – if at all – in the ASP agenda. 

The ASP19 General Debate is scheduled to take place on Monday 14 December 2020, with a combination of in-person and recorded statements. 

The CICC and its members have contributed with video recorded and written statements this year, listen to and read this year’s concerns and recommendations:

Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC)

Delivered by Ms Melida Reed, Acting Convenor, CICC (Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice)

You can also read the statement in English, French, Spanish

Federación international por los derechos humanos (FIDH) / Colectivo de Abogados José Alvear Restrepo (CAJAR)

Delivered by Mr Reinaldo Villalba Vargas, Vice-President, FIDH (Colectivo de Abogados José Alvear Restrepo)

You can also read the statement in Spanish, English, and French.

Ukrainian Legal Advisory Group (ULAG)

Delivered by Ms Nadia Volkova, Director, ULAG

You can also read the statement in English

The Hague Peace Projects

Delivered by Mr Chale Gudamuz, Director, the Hague Peace Projects

You can also read the statement in English 

African Network for International Criminal Justice (ANICJ)

Delivered By Mr Chino Obiagwu, Coordinator, ANICJ (Nigerian national Coalition for the ICC)

You can also read the statement in English