#GlobalJustice Weekly: Myanmar accused of "ethnic cleansing" of Rohingya Muslims


International Criminal Court investigations 

Darfur, Sudan: UN and Sudan Ministry of Justice and International Cooperation launch programme to enhance rule of law in Darfur
Libya: ICC prosecutor to make Libya investigation a priority in 2017, will probe trafficking of migrants out of country for potential evidence of war crimes
Democratic Republic of Congo: Testimony of former Congolese milita group insider admitted into evidence in ICC trial of former Congolese general Bosco Ntaganda
Central African Republic: UN Prevention of Genocide adviser calls for immediate end to hostilities, urges urgent measures to protect population following recent outbreak of ethnic violence
Uganda: Civil society concerned about effective representation of victims not benefiting from ICC legal aid in upcoming trial of former Lord's Resistance Army commander Dominic Ongwen

ICC Preliminary Examinations

Palestine: Palestinian human rights groups urge ICC Prosecutor to examine Israeli closure of Gaza strip
Burundi: ICC prosecutor insists Burundi probe to continue despite country's withdrawal process, exiled human rights defender speaks out, and UN human rights body appoints Commission of Inquiry
Colombia: Government and FARC rebels sign new revised peace deal as public opinion remains divided
Nigeria: At least 150 peaceful pro-Biafra activists killed by Nigerian security forces, reports Amnesty International
Afghanistan: ICC examination of alleged torture by U.S. troops in Afghanistan a win for the ICC despite outcome?

Assembly of States Parties 2016

African states push for head of state immunity at the ICC

Sidiki Kaba: Why I am not sighing with relief over ICC withdrawals yet

Kenyan civil society tells assembly “Don’t appease bullies lest you embolden them”


Campaign for Global Justice

Argentina signs cooperation agreement with ICC in relation to witness protection as ICC organizes expert seminar on cooperation agreements

Around the World

South Sudan and rebel forces abusing civilians, Human Rights Watch reports 
UN official says Myanmar engaged in "ethnic cleansing" of Rohingya Muslims 
France ready to cooperate with ICC to probe Islamic State jihadists in Syria for war crimes - if UN Security Council refers situation to the Court
Hospitals and medial workers under attack by anti-Huthi forces in Yemen
A decade on from peace deal, transitional justice failing in Nepal