#GlobalJustice Weekly - Civil Society calls on UN General Assembly to end civilian attacks in Syria 


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223 nongovernmental organizations call upon UN General Assembly to demand an end to unlawful civilian attacks in Syria as UN releases joint-statement on dire situation of civilians in Aleppo

[Uniting for Peace] UN member states must take urgent action to stop atrocities in #Syria and protect civilians https://t.co/GH7dNZCiRX pic.twitter.com/EPJuPH279J

— FIDH (@fidh_en) December 2, 2016

New HRW report: Russia/Syria committed war crimes in Sept/Oct bombing of #Aleppo. UN General Assembly should act. https://t.co/0uTHqZj4rm pic.twitter.com/ey5xJUrWtY

— Ole Solvang (@OleSolvang) December 1, 2016

As more Syrian #refugees make long-term homes in #Turkey, @CrisisGroup calls for new labor & integration policies. https://t.co/xQSjIYTqbP pic.twitter.com/JxWMstQJNA

— Diego Cupolo (@DiegoCupolo) November 30, 2016


ICC Investigations

Uganda: Practical information guide for the 6 December trial opening in the ICC case against former Lord's Resistance Army commander Dominic Ongwen

Q&A: Who is Mr #Ongwen and why is he on trial before the #ICC? https://t.co/FFseJeEksp pic.twitter.com/U0IDnZDXek

— Int'l Criminal Court (@IntlCrimCourt) December 5, 2016

Defence: every accused is afforded the opportunity to defend himself in a fair trial https://t.co/V9lnvmTBLM #Ongwen #ICC

— Int'l Criminal Court (@IntlCrimCourt) December 4, 2016

#Uganda - Former #LRA Commander #Ongwen to Be Tried: First #ICC Trial for Wide Range of Crimes of #SGBV: https://t.co/ePvJYh05pt pic.twitter.com/fkCK5MYdjt

— Delphine Carlens (@D_Carlens) December 5, 2016

Democratic Republic of Congo: Defense lawyer of former Congolese general Bosco Ntaganda  accuses ICC prosecutors of exceeding witness preparation protocol; judges decline defense request to reconsider not adjourning proceedings
Darfur, Sudan: Reports that three UN Refugee Agency workers abducted in Darfur while DA at the High Court in Pretoria argues that the executive disregarded the people of South Africa by deciding to withdraw from the Court

Executive 'disregarded' people of SA in #ICC withdrawal https://t.co/2p8TOVKwAb

— JFJustice (@JFJustice) December 5, 2016

Central African Republic II:  Serious fighting between two Seleka groups in Nairobi leave 14 civilians dead and 76 wounded

ICC Preliminary Examinations

Afghanistan: Taliban announce intention to prioritize safeguarding national infrastructure projects over protecting civilians
Colombia: Opposition questions how justice will be applied to certain sections of the army after government and FARC sign revised peace accord

Colombia: Peace agreement must open the door to justice https://t.co/2daGF4q4Zj pic.twitter.com/NAqKVCwFsA

— AmnestyInternational (@AmnestyOnline) December 1, 2016

Palestine: International Crisis Group calls on US President Barrack Obama to improve future peace-making chances by pushing for new UN Security Council Resolution with basic parameters of two-state solution to Israel-Palestine conflict
Ukraine: ICC situation analysis chief Emeric Rogier discusses the role of the ICC and Crimea with Ukraine media Hromadske


Assembly of States Parties 2016

Negotiating justice at the ASP: From crisis to constructive dialogue

Campaign for Global Justice

In a move expected to inform local populations and contribute to handover of international justice expertise, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and city of Sarajevo set to open first ICTY Information Centre


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South Sudan prevents ceasefire monitoring team from assessing security situation in Yei
South Africa President Jacob Zuma survives no-confidence vote by several ruling party members
UN special panel member urges independent investigation into alleged abductions, torture, and sexual violence in Sri Lanka
War crimes trial of former Serb army commander Ratko Mladic nears end 
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