#GlobalJustice Weekly - Human rights report highlights justice vacuums worldwide

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In its recently launched World Report 2017, Human Rights Watch paints the picture of an international order in peril with the rise of populism and discrimation in all corners of the world. Often cited as missing in these situations: justice and accountability.

While the World Report 2017 offers a comprehensive review of human rights issues in over 90 countries and territories worldwide over the past year, it also highlights developments and conditions that are already - or may one day be - ripe for inquiry by the International Criminal Court (ICC), or by national justice actors in the Rome Statute system of international justice.   

Read HRW's news releases on their findings in relation to delays to justice in Sri Lanka; alleged crimes against humanity by ISIS in Iraq; impunity and 'warlordism' in Libya; the consequences of political bickering for justice in Nepal; and much more. Or check out the entire report and decide for yourself the role that international justice has yet to play.


ICC Investigations

Darfur, Sudan: As Sudan faces biggest show of public dissent against government since 2013 in civil disobedience campaign, rebel group denies it will meet government in Paris for political dialogue

Uganda: Lawmakers petition ICC to investigate genocide and crimes against humanity allegations arising from army and police clash with tribal militia

Georgia: Civil society groups call on Georgia to step up access to international justice for all victims of 2008 war, highlights lack of outreach on ICC investigation


ICC Preliminary Examinations

Iraq: Human Rights Watch finds 29 cases of PKK-affiliated groups recruiting child soldiers for ongoing fight in Iraq

Palestine: Conviction of Israeli soldier must pave way for justice for unlawful killings, Amnesty International urges


Campaign for Global Justice

Despite arrest and surrender obligations as ICC member state – and leading position in Rome Statute system in Middle-East North Africa – Jordan invites ICC suspect and Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to attend Arab Summit in March

UNESCO calls for stronger sanctions against destruction of cultural heritage, joined by ICC prosecutor to discuss ways to strengthen cooperation around prosecution

ICC holds high level seminar in Trinidad and Tobago to foster regional cooperation in the Caribbean

Human Rights Watch calls on Africa-France Summit participants this past weekend to stand by victims of grave international crimes, make time to voice their support for the ICC


Around the World

Check out this video summary by the New York Times on the harrowing situation facing Myanmar’s Rohingya population. Could a recent change in the country’s approach to international cooperation bring hope for an end to the crisis?

Amid war crime warnings, rebels reject government claim that deal was reached to restore water supply in Damascus, Syria

Philippines president names over 1 million on “Watch list” in his violent war against drugs, vows to kill mayors and officials involved in drug trade

With 55 people still detained at Guantanamo in 2017 – 45 without charge or trial - Amnesty International calls on the United States to close its doors for good.

Court ruling on defeated president’s challenge to election outcome postponed, raises doubts of whether a peaceful political transition is still possible in Gambia; civilians flee as West African states consider military intervention

Convicted war criminal and former dictator of Chad launches appeal against judgment of AU-backed Extraordinary African Chambers in Senegal

Sri Lanka panel recommends hybrid court to prosecute war crimes allegedly committed during 1983-2009 civil war

UN reports grave human rights abuses and war crimes, including gang rape and killing committed last year in South Sudan