Coalition for the ICC expresses its solidarity with those campaigning for justice in Ukraine

Photo credit: Center for Civil Liberties (CCL)
Coalition for the ICC

The Coalition for the International Criminal Court is a global network of non-governmental organizations from 150 countries working in partnership to eradicate impunity for serious international crimes through the Rome Statute system. Our member organizations campaign for justice for victims in challenging circumstances worldwide, and face threat and sanction.

Impunity for serious international crimes only fuels cycles of further abuses and violations,” said Melinda Reed, Acting Convenor of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court. The Coalition for the International Criminal Court expresses its solidarity with member organizations and human rights defenders in Ukraine and across the region who have pressed their governments and international actors, including the International Criminal Court, to deliver justice.

Our member organizations are speaking out on developments in Ukraine:

The Coalition and individual member organizations have called on Ukraine to align national legislation with international criminal law and international humanitarian law for several years. Check out more background  here.

The Coalition as a whole, and its Secretariat, do not endorse or promote specific investigations or prosecutions or take a position on situations before the ICC.