ICC Registrar 2023 election: Get to know the candidates

The ICC registrar candidates’ responses to the Coalition questionnaire are now online!

Since the first International Criminal Court (ICC) elections in 2003, the Coalition for the ICC has monitored all ICC and Assembly of States Parties (ASP) elections, and has advocated for the election of only the highest qualified candidates through fair, transparent and merit-based nomination and election processes.

In early 2023, the plenary of ICC judges will elect the next ICC registrar. ICC states parties might issue recommendations to the judges on the candidates and their qualifications at the Assembly session in December 2022. Previous Assembly recommendations regarding registrar elections did not focus on individual candidates but rather indicated additional criteria for the assessment of candidates’ qualifications.

The registrar heads the ICC Registry which provides services to the other organs of the Court and carries out key activities for the functioning of the institution, including judicial support, external affairs, and management of the Court.

As part of the Coalition’s efforts to promote transparency in and awareness of all ICC elections, we invited candidates to answer questions on victims’ rights in ICC proceedings, issues related to workplace culture, fair trial rights, the budgetary process and cooperation with the ICC, as well as to share their vision for international justice and the International Criminal Court.

Having in place the most qualified and experienced individuals to lead the Court and the ASP is key to strengthening the ICC’s credibility, transparency and impartiality. The Coalition does not endorse or oppose individual candidates, but instead advocates for the integrity of the processes.




For the first time in a registrar election, candidates will take part in public hearings co-moderated by states parties and civil society on 11 and 12 October 2022 at 11h00-13h00 New York / 17h00-19h00 The Hague. The hearings will be broadcast on the ICC website in English and French.  

How is the ICC Registrar elected?

All you need to know about the ICC registrar election here.