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15-16 February 2018: CICC Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Rome Statute, ICC;  The Hague, the Netherlands

28 February 2018: 14ème conférence trimestrielle de la CI-CPI, Coalition Ivoirienne pour la Cour Pénale Internationale (CI-CPI); Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

15 March 2018: OAS biennial Working Session on the ICC, RS20 and cooperation focus; Washington, DC

9 April 2018: High Level Seminar at the Argentinean Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The International Criminal Court: 20 years after the adoption of the Rome Statute” (“La Corte Penal Internacional: a veinte años de la adopcion del Estatuto de Roma”); Buenos Aires, Argentina

16 April 2018: "The Significance of the International Criminal Court Celebrating the ICC’s 20th Birthday in the US" panel discussion, AMICC; Columbia University, New York, NY

19 April 2018: “The Crime of Aggression in the 20 years of the Rome Statute,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs Portugal; Lisbon, Portugal

25-26 April 2018: Emerging Trend on Complementarity: Consultation with West African Stakeholders, Africa Legal Aid; Banjul, The Gambia

14-18 May 2018: ICC-NGO roundtables; The Hague, the Netherlands

23 May 2018:  3rd EU Day Against Impunity for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes - Rome Statute 20: achievements of the EU and the Member States to fight impunity - organised by the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU;  the International Criminal Court, the European Commission, the EU Network for the investigation and prosecution of crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes (EU Genocide Network), and Eurojust; The Hague, the Netherlands (by invitation only)

25 May 2018: Where do we go from here? The International Criminal Court 20 years after Rome, IHL Talk Humanitatirum, Switzerland; ICRC Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland event video

1 June 2018: The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court at 20: Achievements, Challenges, and the EU’s Contribution to Accountability and Justice, EU Diplomatic Conference 2018; European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EUIC) and the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies; Leuven, Belgium (by invitation only)

7-8 June 2018: High-Level Regional Seminar “The International Criminal Court and South America: Opportunities for cooperation and exchanges of experiences at 20 years of the Rome Statute” Headquarters of the Union of South American Countries (UNASUR); Quito, Republic of Ecuador

12-14 June 2018: "Role of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in delivering justice for mass atrocities" panel discussion, 8th Annual Meeting of the Global Network of R2P Focal Points; Helsinki, Finland (by invitation only)

18-22 June 2018: Summer School on the International Criminal Court, Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI; Galway, Ireland

5 July 2018: 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus in cooperation with the Supreme Court and the Attorney-General of the Republic of Cyprus; Nicosia, Cyprus (premises of the Supreme Court) (main speaker will be Mr. Georghios Pikis, former Judge of the ICC. The event will be addressed by the President of the Supreme Court of Cyprus Mr. Myron Nikolatos, the Attorney-General of the Republic of Cyprus  Mr. Costas Clerides and H.E. the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nikos Christodoulides. Legal experts, academics, diplomats and civil society representatives will be invited to attend.)

16-17 July 2018: ICC Commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, premises of the International Criminal Court; The Hague, the Netherlands

17 July 2018: 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute of the ICC, International Justice Day 2018

20th anniversary of the Rome Statute: The need for universality and the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction over the crime of aggression, Argentina, Republic of Korea, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Austria, Belgium, Senegal, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Coalition for the International Criminal Court, Parliamentarians for Global Action, United Nations HQ; New York, NY

5-15 August 2018: Twentieth Anniversary Summer Session of SLS ‘Towards an Effective International Criminal Justice System in the Era of The Permanent International Criminal Court – Coordinating and Strengthening Enforcement on National, Regional, and International Levels' (draft title); Salzburg, Austria

September 2018: Montevideo event, co-organized by PGA; the Parliament of Uruguay.

7-8 September 2018: 'Twenty Years of the ICC's Rome Statute: Utopia - Reality - Crisis,' Bluecoat Centre for Contemporary Arts; School Lane, Liverpool, UK

10-11 September: Bled Strategic Forum, Panel “International Criminal Court: 20 Years after Rome – Setting a Path for the Future;” Bled, Slovenia

18-21 October:  Salzburg Law School 20th Anniversary Symposion 'The Sound of ICL;’ Salzburg, Austria

19-20 October 2018: "20th Anniversary of the Rome Statute: Law, Justice and Politics", Nuremberg Forum 2018;  Nuremberg, Germany

16-17 November 2018: 10th Consultative Assembly of Parliamentarians on the International Criminal Court and the Rule of Law (CAP-ICC) on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute (organised by Parliamentarians for Global Action as its 40th Annual Forum), Parliament of Ukraine, Kiev (dates TBC)

21-23 November 2018: “20 ans du Statut de Rome: bilan et perspective,” University of Bordeaux; Bordeaux, France