Civil society’s views on the ICC Review

As the work of the Review Mechanism moves forward, States Parties, the Court and all stakeholders keep the focus on the ultimate goal of the review process: Strengthening the Court’s delivery of justice.

The Review Process offers a fresh opportunity to bring states, court officials, experts and civil society closer together in our joint, ongoing effort to bolster the work of the Court and its ability to serve the communities affected by its work. While we may all have different views on the issues identified by this process, it represents an important step in developing a framework within which we can all support the Court to exercise its mandate to its full potential over the coming years.

Genuine engagement with and accessibility of the process for civil society – including those working with affected communities in ICC situation countries – is essential, particularly in discussions around the substance of the experts’ recommendations as well the topics of the broader review.

Civil society will be monitoring and engaging with this process, pressing stakeholders to discuss and adopt measures to improve the ICC and RSS, in full respect for the judicial and prosecutorial independence of the Court.