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Assembly of States Parties 2020

Judicial and Prosecutorial Elections | Budget | ASP Bureau & Presidency Elections | ICC Review

Given the exceptional circumstances, the 19th Session of the Assembly of States Parties will take place in both The Hague (14 to 16 December 2020) & New York (Elections, 17 to 23 December 2020). 

A second resumed session to elect the next ICC Prosecutor and two ASP Vice Presidents will be convened in New York on Monday 8 February 2021. 

Serving as the governing body of the Court, the ASP meets in full plenary once a year to discuss and decide upon matters key to the future functioning of the ICC. Civil society is there every step of the way, monitoring sessions and interacting with delegates, in order to advocate for a fair, effective and independent ICC.

Check the ASP Website to find out additional information

CICC Press Release - Civil society highlights need for ongoing improvement, including in merit-based elections, calls for stronger support for the ICC

The Coalition for the ICC makes ASP19 closing statement

Civil society voices at ASP 19

Civil society addresses the ICC Assembly of States Parties during the ASP19 General Debate

The CICC and its members have contributed with video recorded and written statements. 

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Campaign on ICC & ASP elections

A number of important positions in the Rome Statute system will be filled at ASP 2020, including six judicial vacancies, the next ICC Prosecutor, the ASP president and two ASP vice-presidents, and six members of the Committee on Budget and Finance. 

Check out the Resources of CICC Members and other civil society organizations on #ICCElections - Statements, Briefings, Reports, and articles on #ICCElections

You need more information? Check out our page on Elections

CICC Members ASP19 Key Recommendations

Ahead of ASP 2020, global civil society called for consistent, strategic and forward-looking steps towards achieving global justice for atrocities through the International Criminal Court and Rome Statute system.

Check out CICC Members Recommendations to the ASPRead less

#NGOVoices at #ASP19 - Civil Society Side Events

Numerous virtual side events will take place ahead of the 19th ASP session. Civil society plays a crucial role in organizing side events, in cooperation with governments and other organizations and institutions. Side events on the margins of ASP provide a meaningful opportunity for enhanced dialogue around specific topics of mutual concern, including situations under investigation or preliminary examination, ICC and ASP Election processes, judicial and political developments related to the ICC and the ASP, and other issues related to the ICC and the Rome Statute system.

Virtual side events are scheduled to take place from 8 to 11 December 2020, in different time slots from 12:00 to 19:00 CET (Hague Time) / 6:00 to 13:00 EST (NY Time). 

Check out the schedule for CICC members and other civil society organizations virtual side events at ASP 19

All you need to know about ASP 2020

The CICC ASP19 Backgrounder serves to provide informal background information on issues on the ASP agenda for delegations from States Parties, observer states, international and regional organizations, and civil society attending the 19th session of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute (ASP).

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ASP 2020 - ASP Resources

The Assembly of States Parties makes essential documents available, including the daily journal, resources for States delegates and other participants and stakeholders.

ASP Website - ASP 2020

ASP 2020 Provisional Agenda

Decision by the Bureau on the Guidelines for the preparation and conduct of sessions of the Assembly of States Parties

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